Saturday, February 28, 2015

"my friend alecia"

                                     my friend and confidante alecia evans.....great to see her on my aspen trip,have not seen her in ten years or more ( and her very sweet horse) alecia works with animals and has  designed the "walk in sync" dog collar, it is a system for walking your dog properly without pulling their neck and shoulders. this works!!! it is humane and easy and it helps you train your dog for a better walking experience for you and your dog. check out these links.

"aspen bears"

                       while i was painting campo de fiori restaurant in late fall the bears come down from the mountain to find any food they can find before the hibernate for winter.these were staying in the trees in the hyman mall in aspen,they will stay up there all day until it starts to get dark or no people are around to come down. they are majestic to look at though sad they often get tagged (red tags attached to their ears) when they are spending to much time in home owners garbage cans or dumpsters. one night when i was painting at campo de fiori elizabeth (my friend and owner ) called me and said " i cant come to pick you up until the bear outside my house leaves" i called her back to tell her" their is also a bear outside the restaurant so be careful" their eyes are so soulful, it was making its way through the courtyard (knowing the route) to find food. i dont recall that many bears in aspen when i lived there....though i did have one come into the house when i was living at the bob child ranch in 1996, but that is another story.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"communing with ada"

                            Elizabeth commissioned me to do a 24x24 aspen tree painting for a dear friend in italy, her friend has a love for the snow and these tree's and it was in memory of his mother. this is on deep edge birch wood panel.


Aiden's room i painted just a grey so he can hang his own art and photograph's he likes to take, his dad had hung a hammock in his room that aiden does his homework in and sometimes even sleeps in.I painted aspen tree's on both side's of the hammock to give a feel that he is suspended from them. a old soul aiden is....he was two when i moved from colorado and it was great to get to know him.

"josie"s room"

          After i painted campo de fiori restaurant in aspen for Elizabeth i went to her niece Josie in snowmass!!! love her and here she is on the ladder while i was painting, she would tell me what she liked and she helped me with ideas....her room needed some organizing which got done and her mom ordered new furniture, we used some things they already had like the curtain rods from another room and because her ceiling is high her dad put up a strong shelf with shelf brakets with a pattina finish that we left that had a bird on them and this seemed to fit with the tree that i painted...a whimsical feel with all different colored leaves ( i have to say i really thought of my artist friend cathy nichols when i did this reminds me of her work) Josie's brothers josh and aiden got in on picking some colors as well .Josie is smart and was a pleasure to make her feel special.

"campo de fiori restaurant aspen"

                    Elizabeth called me to repaint her restaurant that i originally painted in 1994. this was a remodel of sort's or a facelift. I had not been back since i moved in 2003 and it was great to be back and create with Elizabeth once again. These photo's dont do it justice ....i repainted the faux colorwashing on the wall's in a golden lighter tone then before,repainted the window frames to have a more industrial metal faux finish,repainted the bathroom,woodgrian the doors to the restroom and coat check room,painted a smaller pear tree in dinning area, a kind of tree of life on another wall in the far end of dinning room and painted about three hundred ceiling tiles(that look like old tin) which i antiqued in three different tones as well as a highlight of gold that the light pics up softly and painted aspen tree's on a large access panel to cover a door in bathroom and a 24x24 aspen mountain painting.I worked long days with breaks to space myself and i ran into old friends and met with ravenheart gallery who just received my six ocean/wave paintings. Elizabeth cooked great meal's for me and at the end when i got sick ( a bit disapointed and it was draining me) she and her sister michelle used natural remedies to get me healthy again...finally!! it lingered for two weeks.This remodel was the most peaceful i have ever experienced....well done Elizabeth. The locals really appreciated the new look and i was happy to have stayed longer to paint for Elizabeth sister michelle and husband ross, their kids and then their grandparents.I believe we changed my ticket three or four times.Campo de Fiori does so well!!! they were packed and dave the manager really does a great job,the staff is wonderful ...a big family. The food is great! different vibe then most places.... it is more of a event, gathering you will meet a new friend there.