Saturday, February 23, 2013

pour trouver des

                   pour trouver des..."to find" oil on canvas 36x40 another painting based on reflections of tree's in lloyd harbor.I almost called this lox and bagels for i was craving it while i was painting this(feeds my inner jew) the movement and color tones are more favorable in person.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"last summer" 36x36 oil on canvas

                             I found a great pond at caumsett state park last summer.looking at the reflection of landscapes in the water,only painting what i saw now(based on photos and notes i made to myself) and i will go back to see how it is with all this snow that arrived,a little difficult after being in los angeles(i did not want to leave) i went to the hammer museum and hit different galleries....fantastic art there. i also saw the movie poster for "the identity thief" with jason bateman and mellisa mcarthy which made me laugh(,they were everywhere i drove)also went to the jay leno show,went out with anna noble my dear friend tonya's sister(great gals from georgia) and stayed with alan,linda and jarred who i know from montauk,auroma cafe, the parks,art,farmers market,good weather......ahhhhh.