Tuesday, June 28, 2011

kitchen cabinets(for jolie and stephen)

they went with two off whites' with a weathered look that has charactor and could last with small children,they were originally to dark for their taste and made the kitchen seem bigger/lighter,it took a week to complete.

james and jack(bedrooms)

james wanted the yankee symbol in his room(jackie their mother and i decided to leave out the white lines in the symbol we felt it had more of a softness to what was going on in the room and james was ok with it,i also learned aboffs paint store has the exact color called yankee blue) and jack wanted the mets....i took a photo of jack while i was painting,it was his birthday at the time.

faux wood beams in den (for lisa and francis)

the wood beams were dark and dated,so after a few samples we decided on lighter tone because they wanted to bring more light into the room,i used three different colors to achieve this look.I only used paint,no stain was used for this project.

Monday, June 6, 2011

birthday banner for austin

hand painted birthday sign ...austin's dad love's to surf ....i feel austin will end up loving it as well, this was a gift but i do custom sign's from time to time, this one is about 45x45 on linen and is washable.