Friday, January 27, 2012


theo..the oldest of the four...very wise, amazing eyes that look green or grey or blue depending. theo is smart,strong but gentle, his mother picked these quotes thinking of him for the window. 30x40 acrylic washes on wood panel.

amelia and the okapi

amelia ( sometimes called mia) she was the first one out of the four i painted, for some reason i wanted to paint her with a zebra...when i shared this with her mother. she told me that amelia  really likes the okapi (a animal which is half zebra) and her mom had found a okapi toy which she is holding in her hand in the painting. her mother is a great photographer and she totally understood how i wanted to paint her, i feel this could be in some kind of movie or childrens book, i loved doing it...i feel i captured her eyes which are very blue, she's lovely with a wonderful giggle.30x40 acrylic washes on wood panel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

carrie and wings painting

"Finding My Wings"
oil on canvas 72 x 54

my friend carrie lee and i went to thailand in '98 we were in a village that escapes me though carrie feels it was north of bangkok, as we were walking through the village we passed a school of very small children, one of these children started following me and was staring  so carrie nudged me to take a photo..much time later back in colorado i started playing around with the idea of painting this boy with sort of a collage of images that was around him in his village. i ended up painting around six paintings the last was this one called "wings" i wish i had gotten the boys name i sometimes wonder if i could find him.

"Puppet Master II"
oil on canvas 20 x 36

"Puppet Master"
oil on canvas 50 x 60

"Reflection II"
oil on canvas 25 x 40

"Finding my Roots"
oil on canvas 36 x 48

oil on canvas 60 x 72

peace paintings

the peace sign was designed by gerald holtom.....and he designed it for people to use it for free, i always liked the sign. i am doing what i call peace paintings where i use the symbol in some way in the painting, i will continue to do these of all places people and things from around the world. i am currently doing alot of new york city land marks. i got inspired by my friend gail day  in 2010 as well as john lennon and his message of peace. i  paint them in acrylic washes on wood panels,i am selling the originals and prints on wood.

painted floor / jalbert nursery

 for susan and joe's this room, susan wanted to take this room and set it up for the grandkids we painted the walls and ceiling all white,susan had her brother a carpenter do shelving for books,toys...i painted the floor a blue  color picked by susan. their is a vintage little rascals poster hanging which always makes me smile that has been in the house since their kids were little,one of the first things i remember seeing when i started painting for them in the eighties.

the kids table

for the jalbert grandchildren....susan found this , i sanded any shine off the finish then painted red ,antiqued the color to age it and clear coat, i wanted some of the grain to show through so i did not prime first. the kids eat at this table as well as color.

bathroom / jalbert home

colorwash / faux finish for susan a few years ago..keeps with the old warm feel of the house, has a european feel as well. a finish like this will last, i used two colors which are kind of grey stone color and a green that was in the tile.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

wilder and august finkel (hand painted chairs)

wilder picked out the colors for his and little brother, the chairs are designed so they can sit at the correct height for the kitchen table. they are lightly weathered with designs from cards their mom showed me that the kids like.