Tuesday, January 11, 2011

before and after fireplace(for jolie and stephen)

 jolie and stephen moved into their new home...the deep red color of walls and the color tone of brick and mantel was just not them,they like kind of a scandanavian look,peacful neutral tones so they asked me to give the mantel a weathered paint look with off white,beige and light grey and then i gave the brick a old smokey paint look, the painting i did later and jolie decided it would be fun to have seasonal paintings for over the fireplace.the hydrangeas for summer, winter birch trees for winter and a autumn painting not yet finished of her family barn.i have painted for jolie's family over the years and it was fun to paint for the next generation.we got alot done in a short period of time,a baby was on the way .... beautiful little girl named vera born in the home,amazing !!!