Sunday, June 22, 2014

" my special place"

                   39x48 acrylic and gesso on masonite, part of a series....I am working with the paint in a way for it to have a large watercolor feel from ( I feel) a vintage childrens book. the daughter of my friends michelle and stephen lee is the model, she is a very funny little girl.

"fish in my room"

                   little Nicolas in his room reading a book about fish. 24x49 acrylic and gesso on Masonite. this has to do with remembering to use our imagination and what it is like to keep our inner child alive.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

" we will carry you while you search and dream"

        Working on a series of painting's of children, this is 41x48 acrylic and gesso on panel. I finally figured out how i will frame them by glueing exact pieces of wood to the back and then painting the sides or i may cap the sides with rough saw pine, very simple. I really dont like ornate depends. The children that were the models for this piece are the children of artist cathy nichols (a wonderful soul and painter)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

for Linda and Marty

                                Linda found a seascape of mine at scarsella's....she wanted the same feel of the canvas she spotted but needed one larger. this is 42x66 oil on canvas, nice couple. centerport n.y

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Austin on his bike

My little friend Austin.....I painted this based on some photo's i took of him while he and his family were moving into their new home. 48x40 acrylic and gesso on panel.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brooklyn Loft

I  had a chance to work on a great loft in Brooklyn. Micah Finkel who was the contractor brought me in, micah's web  after micah constructed a pillar in the corner of the room my job was to faux paint it to match the original weathered paint. I also worked on various ceiling area's and pillar's through out the loft that needed to be softened or changed to the owner's taste but the main objective was to have it not look like I did anything! it needed to be based on the old feel of the building. I learned how to do this by working for micah's mom Risa who has a strong love and respect for old or antique environments that have a story to tell.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

wedding invitation's for joanna and chris

My niece Joanna is getting married in montauk, new york and she asked me to do some pen and ink drawings to be printed on the wedding invitation's.On the inside of the envelope Joanna and i came up with the map idea of landmarks you would see driving out, if you know the stretch between amaganset and into the town of montauk you pass the "lunch" sign (which is really the lobster roll) and it is also the sign that reminds you that you will be out of the car soon and the beach is near. My friends and i used to hitch up and down that stretch.The wedding is in october and it will be a good time for sure.