Monday, April 29, 2013

black crows ( what goes on in a artists mind)

       latest painting of black  crows that i spotted in a tree (always remember to look up a friend once said) the gold stripes represent light (healing light for the viewer so im told and i would like to think this is true) it is oil on canvas 30x40 .I was listening to music to get out of my head and not think about the importance or lack of why i do what i do and does it even matter ...?!the music was kim ritchey (her bittersweet cd) elvis costello,bryan ferry(frantic) and bryan ferry with roxy music (avalon) then some sally taylor and neil young back and forth back and forth until they were singing harmony together in my head, they sounded great.sally recorded a song called "give me the strength" pure voice no tricks and kind with a real fine piano by jeremy lawton, maybe neil young could do a acoustic of this,would be interesting....that is what goes on in my head while painting.

      Then i started thinking about the environment....politician's ....buddist practices along with seeing reality......hmmmm so much to think about but love it none the less. have been studying with brian stalin...his online reiki course is wonderful.