Tuesday, September 11, 2012


jim and maryanne darcy commissioned me to paint their niece,the photo taken from a phone so it was not that clear though a fun joyous action shot.it is 24x30 oil on canvas.i was thinking about listening to louden wainwright which then made me think of kate and anna mcgarrigle then rufus wainright then martha wainwright (met them both in aspen which is when i first got marthas ep of her song factory which i loved straight away and her sweet heartbreaking version of bye bye blackbird)then i came across the roches(maggie,terre and suzzy) started listening to their first album as a trio with the train,mr sellack,the hammond song. wonderful listening while painting but it was their album "speak" which seemed to be the perfect soundtrack for this little girl in the painting.i have seen them perform,smart ladies with guts and alot of talent the entire family and off shoots are all wonderful.lucywainwright daughter of suzzy and louden is ofcourse wonderful as well and i will be buying some of her work soon.suzzy roche has a book coming out her web is http://www.roches.com/suzzy/index.html i got a little lost for a bit watching old tv interviews ect ,will go back to it when i have more time for sure,peace to these amazing soulful people.

the famous beech tree at caumsett state park

huntington n.y.  anyone who goes to caumsett state park knows this tree(some call it the gum drop tree) it is very large and as you come closer it is like walking into a huge tent of branches and leaves.you will then see carvings of lovers,friends local kids who have spent time under this amazing tree,i am donating it for the caumsett state park auction this month,the proceeds go to keep up the grounds and buildings.

louis and pat's window in kitchen

louis and pat called me, they wanted a window scene in the kitchen.louis had a idea based on some window's she liked in venice then i suggested painting the view from her back garden. the walls i colorwashed in green tones in a old world sort of way.they had a very funny dog who wanted to go outside with the intention of getting a treat after,we became friends...sort of. commack n.y