Thursday, September 29, 2011

lynn and joe's kitchen ceiling / new jersey

just got back from new jersey.....lynn is a childhood friend of mine( we have been having a great time catching up and creating together) and although i went to work on her daughter mia's room and come up with ideas for her daughter tess's room somehow we started painting the kitchen ceiling !!...just happened naturally,it ended up warming up the area and making it more intimate.i worked with modeling paste to give  some of the vines a three dementional feel then worked with the green tones on leaves,then painted the shadows and used some bronze as highlights....lynn liked the organic way it seemed to be growing .I like the way it changes in the different lighting ....will be going back to finish mia's room which im very proud of and start with tess's room soon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

"and the cow sailed into the harbor" "holy cow harbor day"

for cow harbor day...made two original paintings(then prints on wood) to sell in northport at the firefly gallery. Cow harbor day (so im told) came about when the farmers brought the cows on boats across the harbor for them to graze up and around the hills of northport. later it became a day to celebrate by having a parade then later the cow harbor race for runner's which many people have flew in to be apart of accross the country.